Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's hard work being a book worm.

Let me start by saying that Mrs. Spit is a very, very patient woman.

Our dining room shelves used to look like this – 4 IKEA Billy Shelves:

Notice the large empty space on top of the shelves. This used to have ‘stuff’ on it before we cleared it off ahead of the tear-down of the ceiling. As we have 9’ ceilings on the main floor, we both saw this as wasted space that could be used for BOOKS!!! This was just over a year ago.

Fast forward a year, and here’s where the status of my living room and dining room lies:

Living room storing lumber, with all of our books stacked behind the couch, and random tools, scrapbooking, books etc scattered through the room.

View into the dining room.

Dining room… lumber for next phase up where the dogs can’t WALK on it and leave claw marks.

...and lastly, the shelves as they were yesterday:

This is the major renovation in our dining room. It will be followed by painting the shelves, the walls, colouring the ceiling, installing crown molding, and doing molding over the windows.

It's taken a very long time. Why? Well, in part is my job keeping me away from home a lot. In part in me being tired, and a certain amount of laziness. And a part lies in the fact that just over three months after I started ripping down the dining room ceiling, I had my son die.

It's now time to finish the job and take back the lion's share of the main floor of our house to have livable, usable space once again.

*update* sorry about the formatting, blogger isn't playing nicely with me and my photos.

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Ya Chun said...

We too suffer from the same alck of motivation. There are so many things that need done around the house, but frankly, we just don't care.

Yesterday we finally tackled some of the overgrowth in the garden. TripleS couldn't believe how mcuh work there was to do, because usually I do it as my hobby. It did feel good to do a small bit though. Start small, you;ll be done before you know it
(And it looks good so far - my books are all VERY jealous!)