Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spending money on the house - indirectly

Just went and spent $400 at the woodworking show...

Let's see... what loot did we get? Yes, I brought Mrs. Spit with - or rather, she volunteered to come with me and pay for everything

- 1/2" shaft, 22 1/2 degree chamfer router bit - boring, $12
- tile cutter thingie - VersaTool Pro - $40 - first thing I've ever seen to let you EASILY cut curves in floor tile, glass, porcelain... very handy come time for home renos in the bathroom and kitchen (in a year or three)
- 6 small CordPro units - $70 - to make my mess of cords much neater
- Cut'n'Crown moulding jig - $180 - to ease the crown moulding install in the dining room, hallway, kitchen... etc etc...
- Freud glue-line ripping blade - $75 - to make clean cuts without the need for a jointer
some scroll-saw cut Christmas ornaments - $12 - make the tree pretty

And yeah, except for the tile thingie and ornaments, every item will be used in the next couple of weeks! The built-in bookshelves have an end in sight!

*appended comments*

I forgot to mention. Two of the items were purchased after listening to the "pitch" by guys who knew their product. Both the Cut'n'Crown and the VersaTool Pro were purchased after I was sold on them by their pitchemen. Except that I was sold on them a year ago at the last show I attended!

I did stay far far far away from the Sham-Wow though! Saw some people with several under their arms. I think some people will be getting an... interesting Christmas gift in two months!


Ya Chun said...

Sounds like you got some nice toys - and motivation to finish house projects.

In the last week, with my dad's help, we have finally done some house maintenance. we just could'nt get to it over the feels good to get something accomplished tho

Glo said...

Mr Spits,

I kind of drop the idea to my hubby that a Kindle would be a good Birthday/Christmas gift.

I know that the Whispernet is not available here in AB. But is it true you can still download books using a computer or perhaps home WiFi?