Sunday, June 21, 2009

Angel Baby Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day From Your Angel In Heaven

Oh, Dearest Daddy
What can I say today
To help mend your broken heart
On this Fathers day?

You know I would be there with you
If only there only was a way
Although I am in Heaven now
It’s in your heart I will always stay.

Just like you where always there for me
I will always be there for you
Just look for a sign and you will see me
In each sunrise and each sunset too.

My love for you, daddy
Will always be true
You’re the best daddy in the world..
And that includes the Heavens too!

So I’m sending all my love
To You from Heaven today
And remember I will be with you
Just look for me on this Father’s Day!

I love you Daddy!

From your Angel in Heaven above

(Thanks to Cheryl for this.)

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