Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog day?

Driving down the highway this morning, I heard several times about how this or that or this other rodent is predicting an early spring - with the exception of the mouse (or whatever) from Balzac who saw clear skies and calls for another 6 weeks of winter.

Seriously? Let me check my calendar... right, we're in the year 2011. I know this is all in good fun, but seriously, are we really attributing the weather to the randomness of clouds around when a rodent is pulled into the open? Talk about the futility of science education.

The truly annoying part is that for the majority of my life, I've not lived anywhere that has had a winter of less than 5 solid months of cold and snow. And mid-march as the end of winter? That's an early winter almost EVERY winter for me.

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