Saturday, March 21, 2009

A heart of pure gold

Thanks to a blog I read, I found this article on CNN.

What blows me away is that this guy is spending so much of his salary to help people in need.

There are homeless throughout North America. Here we are, worried about this present recession, and the numbers are only increasing. How many of us are only a paycheque or two from needing this sort of help?

I've met homeless here, and for many, they made bad decisions and lost everything. There are some that hold full-time jobs, but still need to visit the soup kitchens for whatever reason. How are they different from you and me? They're still human. They're still in need. The poor and destitute are not an amorphous concept in a far away land. They are real and they are here, regardless of how much society ignores them.

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Two Hands said...

MSNBC has a segment like that called "Making a difference". I posted a link a few days ago, lots of beautiful stories in there too.

I wonder if the media will ever realize what a difference they can make simply by showing us what good can be done rather than all of the evil.