Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Genesis of something good - I hope

There was a web log. It wasn't the first blog, nor would it be the last, but it was a blog. The blog flowed out of the fingers of the scribe, wandering without form or direction. It wound across the plains, climbed the mountains, and entertained the desire to access the stars. It was a blog.

I find it fitting, as I still sit in memory of the loss of one of my favorite authors, Robert Jordan over six months ago, to start this journey in poor imitation of his writing. I still can't believe that his last book in the Wheel of Time series will be completed by another author. But, the wheel still turns.

Everyone and his dog has a blog these days. At the urging of Mrs. Spit, I've jumped into the throes of blogging with both feet - erm - hands. A place to express myself. I'm terrible at journaling, so maybe this will be a better option for me. I'm sure that it will be as eclectic as its author, so bear with me and let's see where the wind... blog takes us.


Ya Chun said...

I love RJ too! of course, i am going to have to re read the last three or so books by the time this last tome comes out (two volumes???)

lovedyour intro

Serenity's mom (yeah, the stereotypes don't fly around here, dh HATED WOT)

Mr. Spit said...

Thanks Ya Chun!

Stereotypes be shot! I'm part of a couple of WoT mailing lists online and many of the participants are women!