Friday, April 4, 2008

The joy of office moving

It's a grand feeling. You finally get to start setting up your desk at a new office. Brand new, from the carpet to the ceiling tiles and everything in between. NEW.

How to set up the office to maybe make your working environment a little bit better. Sure, before the move, you functioned just fine. Everything worked and you knew where everything was. But now all that stuff is in boxes and you're like Michelangelo looking at a fresh piece of canvas, what masterpiece will you create.

And then you crack the boxes open and it hits you - it's all the same crap that you just packed up from your old office. If you remember the hyphen in anal-retentive, this is an easy process because everything is as organized in the boxes as it was on your desk before you packed it. If you're like me, it means that you're looking at the same crap in utter disarray, piled into twenty different boxes mocking your ideas of a clean slate.

Time to go for a walk, exercise your legs learning where things are in the new office, go for a breath of fresh air - in other works, procrastination is a wonderful thing. On returning to the rubble that was once your desk at another office, which has not reached a sentient state and put itself into place, another sigh of exasperation hits.

Time to go check email - because, like every self-respecting geek in the universe, the first item to be unpacked and setup was the computer - of course! Put on some music (I chose some of Joe Satriani's older discs that I have in mp3 format on my hard drive - Mrs. Spit's mocking of me aside) and get to work cracking more boxes open.

I didn't think that there was that much open space on my bookshelf. I SWORE that there was way more stuff on it. Right - still 10 boxes to go. But I put all of my books in these boxes! Oh dear...

This office is larger than the cubicle that I left behind at the old office space... so why does the same furniture seem to take up more space? This is truly confounding. I had space for left-over bridge bits at the old desk, but not here. Again, how is this possible in a larger space?!? Right, I don't want to damage the drywall where I used to not worry about the carpet covered cubicle walls.

Did I mention how LONG it took to get moved? Instead of unpacking today, I was supposed to be unpacking five days ago - on Monday morning. But no, we moved into the office to find that the paint wasn't done, baseboard not installed, doors not painted, carpet not installed, phone lines not setup, network plugins not setup... so all week I've been stuck in an empty desk in the middle of a different department, trying to work. Yeah, that's a laugh. All my desk was packed up!!!

I'd go setup on the weekend - except that they didn't give us keys yet either!

Bring on Monday, which will warp me back in time a week so that I can get the office unpacking done and over with and get some real work done!


Mrs. Spit said...

Hon, I know you had *that* much stuff. I threw up my hands at helping you pack it. . . . .

I'm glad you finally have an office though!

Mrs. Spit said...
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