Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The day after the night before...

The blogging will continue when the sleep quotient improves...

Thanks for watching this space! More to come on the bridge building, even though the project is getting handed off next week to a different guy. There's only so much 1 guy can juggle, and this along with the other bridge I'm building this summer would probably have killed me!

And I WON'T miss driving down the cruddy road every day. Man, it was as slick as a field covered in goose droppings today!

So I'm home. Mrs. Spit is happy to have me here, the dogs are thrilled - except that their food is frozen solid. Sorry dogs! Really, you'll live with an empty stomach. Oh yeah, try telling that to the 180 pound mastiff!!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Looking forward to your musings!
Get some sleep and love on Mrs. Spit!