Monday, June 16, 2008

It's an Asterix moment

Have you ever read the Asterix comics? I used to love these comics as a kid. I read all of them that were at my local public library. Great stuff.

So why is it an Asterix moment you might ask? Well... as it was a book made for kids, it was done with clean language. But whenever a character did something that merited, shall we say, colourful language, the text turned into a series of great symbols. Even better than the normal character set can produce in this text. Like "Oh %@#$^&( !$#%* @#$%^ that hurt!!!"

So today, I was the recipient of some paperwork from one of my contractors. We'll call them Contractor Garlic. I've dealt with Garlic before in the bridge building experience. It wasn't a pleasant experience once everything was said and done. Lots of mud on lots of people, and I'm not talking the real stuff here. I was glad when we finished that project, to put it mildly. Mrs. Spit would tell you that it one of my most stressful years with work since we've been together.

So, today I got some stuff from Garlic. And what the %^#$ is this ^@#$^^ trying to pull?!?! They know the rules, the contract, and the specifications that form the basis for this job. Yet they are trying to sell a pile of bull^#$* and pass it as Belgian Chocolate.

It's a new project, but it's going to be a LONG flaming four months of dealing with these potlickers (to use a phrase from a colleague of mine). At least we'll be on them like white on rice from day 1, instead of being the nice guys we tried to be the last time we dealt with them.

So, like Asterix. I'm going to be hearing a lot of language this summer that needs a censor before it passes the ears of the little ones of the world. So, like Asterix, I'll smile and nod... and beat the metaphorical snot out of them when they pull these tricks this time! *Sigh* I hate projects like this.

I like Garlic, but not when it goes bad.


Galen said...

"It's a long road this, with many twists and turns, ups and downs." You're so right, Mr. Spit. I think you two will know what to do. You'll just know. Wishing you and Mrs. Spit comfort and many blessings.

Galen said...

Oh, so my earlier comments ended up here. I meant to leave them in response to your latest post, not in response to this one.

Garlic sounds like a pain in the a@s. Your path of least resistance is admirable, though difficult to walk. I'll remember your example when enduring some of the jerks I work with. Grrr.