Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tree Day

It's Sunday today. A day of rest.

This morning we will go to church. It will be really quiet. Not because nobody goes to our church, but because today is the church picnic. We're not going. We're not anti-social - just the opposite. Mrs. Spit and I will be having a bunch of friends over to the house later today.

Today is the day that we plant a tree in the backyard in remembrance of our son, Gabriel. The tree is a Young's Weeping Birch. It will have its own little corner in the yard - right next to the garden. I dug the new garden plot yesterday. Peeling off the grass and turning the soil so that we can plant the tree today. Hard work, but memorials shouldn't be easy.

Today I'm sore of body to match the soreness of spirit that I'm feeling.

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