Saturday, January 10, 2009

The first step is to admit your addiction...

And this is as good a place as any to do it.

I, Mr. Spit, have recently become sucked into trying and enjoying, and indeed, entered a state of addiction to StumbleUpon (SU).

I kept seeing this little toolbar application as a recommended plug-in for Firefox. Oh yeah, if you're not on Firefox, you're missing TONS of great stuff, including apps that improve the experience of both gmail and greader (i.e. google reader). I downloaded the plug-in, and thus started the addiction.

Where else can you randomly while away the hours finding sites that are of interest to you - even if you didn't know that it interests you? While finding the link for SU, I saw this link about the new Presidential Limo for President-Elect Obama. It's big. I'd put a photo here, but it would probably violate a copyright (Wired magazine) and steal bandwidth from them... which Blogger tells me is a bad thing.

SU has led me to find online flash versions of games that I played on my Commodore 64 (and wow, do I suck at them now!!!), amazing photos of all manner of things, and learn new and amazing things.

Some examples:

95 Old School Games - so many games, so little time, such pitiful skill

The largest star in the universe - wow, I feel so incredibly small now... seriously (make sure you let the animated image load - it's worth the wait

86 Mac Plus Vs. 07 AMD DualCore. You Won't Believe Who Wins. - I'm not sure if this has taken Moore's Law and beaten it into complete submission by showing that the increase in transistors is completely meaningless, or if it means that programmers now are the suck...

(Moore's Law is the empirical observation that the transistor density of integrated circuits doubles every 24 months)

I learned that, in space, metal welds together when it touches - cold welding, who knew?

There is so much on the net, so much of which is dross. The introduction of SU into my computer has brought a lot of cool, interesting, beautiful, fascinating pages onto a tab on my Firefox. And of these I have bookmarked (flagged as "I like it!") over 300 web pages. And the number keeps going up...

I am Mr. Spit. I am a StumbleUpon addict. I don't care to break this addiction.

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Kate C said...

I'm mostly a lurker, but you've gotten me addicted, too! I LOVE it. Just when I needed something to help me procrastinate. Thanks, Mr. Spit! :-D