Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Return of the Toys

I'd write a great long blog, about how much I am glad that we have house insurance... but I can't. We messed up and didn't insure our house for nearly enough jewelry. I think this is because when we got married, we were poor, destitute, and without much in the way of shiny bits.

Boy, were we WRONG! Several piece of our ex-jewelry (thanks you low down, no worth, smelly feet thieves who violated my house!!!) were from 'away' and as such, we found out after the fact, had a higher quality of gold. Mrs. Spit thought that they had a 'funny' colour. Indeed, when the world is mostly 10K gold, seeing gold that's 21K and higher would lead most to think it has a funny colour.

So, the final result is that we are waiting for a cheque for our jewelry losses to a value of approximately 1/3 of what they were worth to replace. Yeah... so long and thanks for all the fish on that one!!! At least we were able to spend some quality time with our jeweler and pick out some nice wedding bands, and a very nice engagement ring for Mrs. Spit. We're both looking forward to picking up that purchase!

The other good news is that today we were able to stop at our local Future Shop and pick up the replacement electronics:Mrs. Spit is especially happy that we have a camera again. My work camera really doesn't help her when I'm not around. And really, it's nowhere near as good as our old camera - a Canon S5 IS - or its replacement. Unfortunately, the Future Shop didn't have either the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (stolen with the PS3) or the camera bag (also stolen when the scum took our camera), so we have a gift card for the value of those items.

I picked up the latest Need for Speed and have been doing a poor job driving around in it tonight. Now all I need to do is pay off the Visa of Christmas purchases, and I'll be able to get some fun games off of the PlayStation Network.

Hi. My name is Mr. Spit and I am a gaming geek and I enjoy my electronic toys.

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