Friday, January 9, 2009

Watch out for Malaysia

In an odd twist to the news, I saw that (according to the Kuwait Times) Muslims in Malaysia are planning on boycotting the goods produced by many U.S. corporate giants. The biggest one to make the headline is a boycott in over 2,000 restaurants of that most universal of brands, Coca-Cola.

Now, I'm not sure just how significant this market is to Coke's world-wide intake, but it's sure to make people notice. Coca-Cola is one of the most ubiquitous corporate brands in the world. And now, to protest the involvement of the US government in the state of Israel, half a world away the people will boycott a US corporation.

Politics makes for some strange bedfellows they say. And now we have the population of a country deciding to boycott a swath of products produced in the US, because of the actions of the US government. Indeed, this is a different tactic.

I'm doing my part to support the economies of both Canada and the U.S. as I sit here on my US made laptop, with a recently emptied can of Coke Zero beside me.

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Ya Chun said...

And the ironic things is that the coke sold is Malaysia is likely produced locally (or at least somewhere in Asia) - the people who will feel it most are the LOCAL restaurants and the folks in the coke plant. Coca-cola isn't going to feel it.