Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new day emerges

When's the last time that a day was awaited and anticipated with such vigor?

My friends and family in the States have arrived at Inauguration Day. Moving day, really. G.W. Bush is moving out, and B.H. Obama is moving in.

I'm astonished by a couple of things. First - that Bush is leaving with an approval rating of 22% (according to a report I saw the other day). This appears to really put the lame into Lame Duck. Second - that the media have hyped the coming of this day as though it were as important as the landing of the Mayflower.

Come what may, for the time being, it's the start of a new face in Washington.


Ya Chun said...

This southern neighbor is ecstatic! His speech today was uplifting - the ideas of personal responsibility, selflessness instead of greed, unity, humbleness, working for the greater good *around the world* were put back on the table- and back int he minds of Americans, and hopefully the world.

excavator said...

Bush's approval rating was that high?

I would choke if I was expected to stand and deliver under the weight of expectation that Obama faces--I mean President Obama!

His dignity, as he walked down the hall to his seat on the inauguration stand, was impressive. This is a man who really wants to serve this country well.