Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shake it baby...

A friend of mine just emailed me to say that she's been shaking tonight, and not from fright.

It's odd, I see a report of an earthquake in Costa Rica, and it doesn't feel as close as when I hear of a friend experiencing another earthquake later the same day.

Then Mrs. Spit reminds me that my nephew and his wife were just in CR on vacation at Christmas, and I think - wow, that could have hit a lot closer to home.

The earth shakes. It's constantly shifting, the tectonic plates in motion. But when people I know are affected, it's a different response. We humans are an odd lot that way.

I also hope my brother had no ill effect, as he also lives near LA... not near the epicenter though.

And the ironic thing is that, oddly enough, the place where I would prefer to live is right near the confluence of three tectonic plates.

Hope the shake-up wasn't too much of a toss-up... and I'll be watching the reports to see how things shake-out... so to speak.

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