Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home for a rest

It's another week that has me getting my natural SAD (seasonal affective disorder) prevention dosage. I'm out and about inspecting culverts and bridges in the fine, and very snow-white province of Alberta.

Simultaneous with this, I've been suffering from what is probably Mrs. Spit's cold as well. She got it first. I thought I was home free as, after two weeks of her being sick, I was fine. Yeah, that was fun while it lasted. Now I'm chugging Benylin in my hotel room...

So while the trip is really good for me - it gets me lots of sunshine in the middle of winter - it's also been really tiring. I was falling asleep while reading tonight. It was only 8:30! Ack. This cold is really wearing me out fast.

So I'm off to my bed for the week to catch some zeds. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

I really do need home for a rest.

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