Monday, January 17, 2011

Pak'd it in

We arrived home tonight, after fighting some epic traffic snarl in the downtown that left us pulled into a parkade and enjoying Ye Olde Spaghetti Factory instead of driving home. Once again, the wee dogs left us a surprise.

Yes, It was silly of me to leave a pair of shoes in their area of operations. Ask Mrs. Spit just how many pairs of her footwear have been sacrificed to the altar of doggie chew toys. Should have known better, but didn't.

I can't say that these particular feltpaks owed me anything though. I bought them something around 14 years ago to wear with snowshoes while I was trudging around the northern B.C. wilderness doing surveying in the depths of winter. They've been a trusty pair of winter boots since then. Of late, they've been most useful in helping to dispose of this inordinate amount of snowfall we've been having, keeping my feet cozy and dry while I pitched shovel after shovel over the neighbour's fence.

Maybe tomorrow a visit to Mark's is in order?

1 comment:

neeroc said...

Ooooh that's one habit I'm glad neither of my dogs had. I would have LOST it.
Sasha used to bring one of our shoes to her bed if she was nervous or upset. She'd just cuddle it though.
Dogs are weird.