Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seeing Red

I'm not talking about this as a metaphor regarding bulls in the bull fighting ring. Rather, it's about the movie, Red.

About the closest I've seen to a comic book made into a live action movie, without looking like a comic book. At least, there were scenes. I understand why Marvel stamped its name at the opening credits.

Never since the A-Team have so many rounds been fired with so few visible wounds / casualties. Come to think of it, it makes the A-Team movie sit up and watch the adults play! Lots of funny bits, mostly due to implausible action scenes.

Mrs. Spit and I both enjoyed it as pure, utter, complete escapist nonsense.

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loribeth said...

Dh & I went to see this in the theatre awhile back, & thoroughly enjoyed it. Nothing like seeing Helen Mirren gleefully wielding an Uzi!!